06 February 2017 by Ben Verleysen - BBN Belgium

Marketing = Science + gut feeling

Computers and software are taking over many of our core tasks in marketing. Gut feeling can't be dictated to or coded, though. However important hard science and analyses might be, you need to mix them with a gentle dose of gut feeling to achieve successful campaigns.

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11 January 2017 by Rory Vieyra

Instinct vs. Data

Gut-feeling and empirical evidence are the two methods by which people make decisions. But which is better?

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30 November 2016 by Richard Parsons

Fishing, Pulling and Statistics

Continued from my previous post

All this talk of creativity, the big idea and long-term thinking doesn’t meanI’m against measuring stuff. As I’ve already said, the point is that metrics should inform us, not dictate to us.

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29 November 2016 by Richard Parsons

So Here’s the Strategy…Look, Kittens!

One of my criticisms of B2B marketing is that it is still too dominated by old-school, US-style thinking – product-driven and financially obsessed. The corporate culture is all about the quarterly report – the numbers – and that leads to a reductive, short-term approach. It’s like we’ve all got attention deficit disorder.

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29 September 2016 by Annette Fernandes-Poyser - BBN Central

Top Ten Tips For Creating Engaging Content

Okay, while you might not be able to eat these yummy  ‘top tips’. We think you’ll find them deliciously useful.

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07 July 2016 by Gopal Kishore - BBN Singapore

The B2B Tech Marketing Funnel is Dead - Long Live the Funnel

If we asked for an apple, and we get an orange, are we supposed to be happy because it’s a fruit? Similarly, as a B2B tech marketer, we ask for leads and instead get a funnel. Are we supposed to be happy?

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