02 June 2016 by Peter Foubert - BBN Belgium

The Most Important B2B Marketing ‘Twends’ of 2016

A few months into 2016 and some are still wondering what this year will bring. What can we, for example, expect in the area of B2B marketing? What are the most important trends and evolutions? We have evaluated and assessed the most important predictions. The result is something between a trend list and a wish list. Therefore, Twends.

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17 May 2016 by Bart Stovers - BBN Netherlands

In What Life Stage Is Your Brand? Fun or Death Rattle?

You know them…outdated companies that have no intention of wanting to change until revenues and profits are seriously decreasing. The organisation changes too late and causes its own demise, resulting in the brand’s ‘death rattle’.

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12 May 2016 by Anna Kirk - BBN USA

A Great Product Launch Means Finding Your ‘Peanut Butter’!

If a service or product launch is at the centre of your communications strategy, and if you haven’t found your ‘peanut butter’, beware! Your launch could probably use a healthy injection of innovation. (If you just sat back, furrowed your brow and said “Huh?”, allow me two minutes to explain.)

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10 May 2016 by Ales Rihacek - BBN Czech Republic

How To Find Influencers and Engage Them

Nowadays, much more of our reputation is affected by what is said about us! In business, this means that 80-90 per cent of customers decide on their purchase before they are actively addressed.

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15 March 2016 by Richard Parsons

Funnel Vision

Why do B2B marketers get things the wrong way round?

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20 October 2015 by Olga Angelaki

It’s Show Time, Folks!

Words or pictures, pictures or words? This is the age-old argument for what works best in advertising.

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