Next-generation audience intelligence for creative
and media effectiveness

Put data-powered
insights at the heart of
your marketing strategies

Creative and data are no longer mutually exclusive. They power each other. AudienceIQ™ transforms the way we build communication strategies and allocate media spend. Our people-based precision marketing and insights platform uses data, analytics, cultural insights and machine learning to help you deliver a powerful brand voice that connects with your audience across every touchpoint.

Better insights.
Better content.
Better targeting.
Better results.

  • Discover


    Gain a deeper understanding and unlock valuable insights into your CRM and website visitor data, including demographics, firmographics, seniority, geography and purchase habits.

  • Plan


    Leverage insights to inform messaging, tactics and the audience networks where your brand can drive deeper engagement. Expand your audience by building new audience data in a GDPR compliant way.

  • Engage


    Target key segments, from pre-built to custom-built and lookalike audiences, based on specific objectives. Create content that will resonate naturally and spark wider engagement.

  • Convert


    Optimise campaigns in real-time and home in on the audiences and tactics performing best to maximise effectiveness and ROI. Locate and define new audience opportunities where your brand can grow.


  • Market Index Reports
  • Segment Profiling
  • CRM/ABM/DMP Data Ingestion + Tracking
  • Retargeting
  • Pre-Built B2B Audience Segments
  • Custom Audience Segment Creation
  • Lookalike Modelling
  • Second Party Data Partnerships
  • Creative and Data Alignment
AudienceIQ™ | discover

Bring your data to life

How well do you truly understand your data and know your potential customers? AudienceIQ™ Discover provides a comprehensive insights and analysis on your CRM and website visitor data, giving rich and actionable insights to support brand messaging, marketing strategy and audience targeting.

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