Performance Marketing

28 November 2017 by Jennifer Buchanan - BBN SCOTLAND

How to justify your marketing spend

In a time of tightening budgets, in-house marketing departments are feeling the pressure to justify their spend.

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20 October 2017 by Leigh Stark - BBN AUSTRALIA

There are no bad search questions (except this one)

As experts in search, we get asked a lot of questions, and while there’s no such thing as a bad search question, there is one that you should never ask.

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29 May 2017 by Annette Fernandes-Poyser - BBN Central

Is your B2B marketing made to measure?

“What cannot be measured cannot be managed”

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11 May 2017 by Richard Parsons

A marriage of art and science

George Bernard Shaw once wrote: “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

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10 April 2017 by Gopal Kishore - BBN Singapore

7 steps to plan a B2B content marketing strategy

It is essential to approach content marketing as a strategy rather than a tactic. If you have not started content marketing or are still testing the waters, these seven steps will help you plan your B2B content marketing strategy.

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06 February 2017 by Ben Verleysen - BBN Belgium

Marketing = Science + gut feeling

Computers and software are taking over many of our core tasks in marketing. Gut feeling can't be dictated to or coded, though. However important hard science and analyses might be, you need to mix them with a gentle dose of gut feeling to achieve successful campaigns.

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