13 September 2021 by Emily Clark

Quantum Marketing: A new dawn for B2B

For centuries, scientists believed in the 'planetary model' of the atom, consisting of a nucleus and then a bunch of tiny electrons, making neat, predictable circles around that nucleus. This theory mimicked the physics of outer space and therefore seemed to make perfect sense.

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01 June 2021 by Grace Baron

Why B2B needs Don Draper

B2B marketing has a problem. It’s become repetitive, overly rational, and hyper-focused on the short-term. What B2B needs is to go back to its roots. What B2B needs, is Don Draper.

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23 April 2021 by Grace Baron

Are You Proving the Value of Brand Building Activity?

Did you know that recent Financial Times research showed that 52% of business leaders and 30% of senior marketers rate their knowledge of the value of brand building as being ‘average’ to ‘very poor’.

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22 April 2021 by BBN Strategic Partner - Foleon

How To Break Through the B2B Content Production Bottleneck

It’s hardly a secret that tensions exist between sales and marketing departments. Nowhere is this more evident than in generating content. Marketing wants to follow a proven process that ensures content quality and adherence to the brand. Sales care less about the process and much more about getting the right type of message in front of the right prospect at just the right time.

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26 March 2021 by BBN Partners

What Makes Good B2B Content?

Without good content, you may have a nicely designed website that won’t hold peoples’ attention; or social media messaging that no one reads. 

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06 July 2020 by Wendy Owen

Truth Sessions: Account Based Advertising

On Thursday we held the fourth webinar in our Truth Sessions series, taking an in-depth look at Account Based Advertising. 

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