31 October 2022 by Patrick Nolan

What I learnt at the BBN Academy

At True, the London office of the BBN Network, we take our role in BBN very seriously.

Whether it’s engaging in regular coordinator calls, providing insights or sharing knowledge and receiving requests, we know that being part of a global network of B2B specialists provides us with the privilege of being part of a community dedicated to working together across the world in order to produce great work.

In this spirit of teamwork and inter-agency support, we ventured to Chateau D’Ecoublay in Fontenay-Trésigny for the annual BBN Academy. It was my first time at the event and, as BBN Coordinator for True, I was eager to meet my fellow co-ordinators in person for the first time. As we all have been trapped behind Zoom screens and Teams chats, to finally meet and build a real connection was very exciting. Sometimes the secret ingredient to building long lasting professional relationships is the simple act of having a chat in person. This beautiful chateau an hour from Paris provided the perfect setting for the ideal learning experience. A schedule packed full of interesting speakers in a stunning setting offering a range of activities, from mountain biking to archery.

And how interesting it was to meet people from all corners of the world, each of unified through a common theme; delivering great B2B work!

From Guatemala to Dayton, Singapore to Macclesfield, the range of diverse characters from an array of backgrounds present at BBN teaches us so much about the quality and the importance of the work that we do. As an account executive, to hear that the same obstacles can be encountered on the other side of the world was a relief, but also that solutions that we would never have thought of alone can come from the very same places.

It is my experience at BBN Academy, learning so much and meeting so many people, that I look forward to a very exciting future that we all have in front of us as a network at the forefront of countless possibilities. The range of fantastic speakers ensured that my time at the academy was an experience full of learning. How we can share perspectives on common tools, from ABX to C-MAP to content strategy, in order to refine the processes we all use in order to be as effective as possible. But, without a doubt, the biggest and most disruptive presence at the academy was artificial intelligence. Learning how AI potentially impact our industry in the years to come was enormously exciting and incredibly insightful.

At the BBN Academy, I learnt that as much as we share common obstacles in the B2B world, we can also offer common solutions. Our rich and varied backgrounds, coupled with our different specialisms and expertise, can provide fresh perspectives and together, as a passionate global community of B2B experts, we can keep delivering ground-breaking work that sets new standards for what’s possible for agency work. And, of course, the bees.

Patrick Nolan, Account Executive