Episode 2 | 33 min | Ben Rhodes

Ben Rhodes worked as Group Marketing Director at Royal Mail and Vice President, Head of Brand Marketing & Sponsorship at Mastercard, and is now the Group Brand Director at Phoenix Group, the largest long-term savings and retirement business in the UK.

We talk about: The best way to drive long-term growth in B2B businesses and his approach to growing B2B business for Royal Mail. Also how to keep a team at the sharp end of creativity and creating an environment that performs today and creates the future.

Episode 1 | 22 min | Jazz Berry

Jazz Berry is the Senior B2B Marketing manager at Deliveroo for Work, which is a 'creative food solution for every area of your business'. Her most recent achievements include rebranding two different businesses within 12 months. She now heads up the marketing of Deliveroo’s corporate offering; Deliveroo for Work in 10 markets.

We talk about: The size and scale of the B2B side of Deliveroo and communicating a B2B proposition with a ubiquitous consumer brand. The framework for successfully rebranding a B2B business and how to use advertising to grow existing customers - and win new ones.

Episode 12 | 28 min | Cos Mingides & Richard Parsons

Cos Mingides & Richard Parsons are the Co-founders at True and the minds behind the B2B Needs Don Draper podcast. Returning back on the show to talk about what we have learnt from our guests, the state of the industry, the latest research from The B2B Institute and discuss why 2022's a big year for B2B.

Episode 11 | 28 min | Steve Vinall

Steve Vinall is the Director of Global Communications at Rackspace Technology. He articulates and shares the Rackspace story with all audiences. Steve leads their PR, AR, Customer Advocacy and Internal Communications teams across EMEA. He is a member of the Global Marketing Senior Leadership Team and is also accountable for Internal Communications globally.

We talk about: The key parts of the Rackspace story; how internal communications have shifted; the main tools and channels used to build customer advocacy; & how Rackspace manages brand building and sales activation. The best ways to drive long term growth in B2B marketing; and how advertising impacts the company's ability to set prices and build B2B brands.

Episode 10 | 23 min | Amie Stankiste

Amie Stankiste is responsible for building and executing the global marketing strategy for S&P Global Market Intelligence, now a $2 billion+ business within a highly competitive industry. Amie leads an award-winning team of 80 marketing professionals focused on driving growth, through generating quality leads and converting them into a sales pipeline.

We talk about: How ESG plays a role in communications and brand building; merging two globally recognised brands. Her view on 'Big Impact" campaigns and how they can be used; and the importance of emotional messaging in FS marketing.

Episode 09 | 29 min | Katherine Lamb

Katherine Lamb is the Global Head of Marketing Strategy for the commercial and investment bank at HSBC. She’s in charge of planning and executing global marketing strategy, her scope covering global proposition development and business stakeholder management across 54 markets. She also mentors and coaches a team of 45 people.

We talk about: How HSBC uses marketing to engage with customers and drive business goals; is it better to increase brand loyalty or increase penetration; how the pandemic has impacted customer engagement with financial services. The impact advertising has on HSBC's ability to set prices and build brand; how to split your budget between lead generation vs longer-term brand building. The role sustainability plays in the way HSBC builds their brand; and how B2B can best harness the power of emotion.

Episode 08 | 28 min | Michelle Goodall

Michelle Goodall is the Chief Marketing Officer at Guild, a platform for professional communities and networking. She’s responsible for driving Guild’s growth. She also has over 20 years of experience in marketing, digital and communications - both client-side, agency-side and as a consultant. In previous roles, she’s worked with some of the world’s most recognisable brands including Unilever, the BBC, Viacom, Direct Line and General Mills, to name a few.

We talk about: How Guild successfully grew their user base; creating a community & how it can help B2B brand growth; the role of ‘belonging & purpose’ when building a brand; splitting your budget between long term brand building and short term sales activation; and what’s more important: the idea or the execution.

Episode 07 | 26 min | Keith Browning

Keith Browning is the Brand Marketing Global Lead at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. With over a decade's marketing experience in start-up and blue-chip companies alike, Keith currently leads Brand Marketing globally for LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions business unit. He has created stand-out marketing campaigns across the US and Europe for a number of well-known brands across the travel, tech & hospitality sectors. Keith is a keynote speaker in many areas of Marketing, most notably B2B Marketing and Brand Marketing.

We talk about: Unaided brand awareness - what it is and its strategic value; what makes an effective campaign and how to measure success; why LinkedIn invests in TV advertising; what makes great B2B advertising; how B2B can harness the power of emotion; and how do the best B2B brand builders use Linkedin to build their brand.

Episode 06 | 33 min | Rosie Guest

Rosie Guest is the CMO at Apex Group and a member of their Executive Committee. She’s led and scaled the Group Marketing and Communications function at Apex as it’s grown from a mid-sized asset management provider to an institutional-sized financial services provider. She now runs a centralised global team across all functions and sub-brands.

On top of all that, she was also the Winner of 'Disruptor of the Year' at the 2020 Women in Finance Awards.

We talk about: How to get skeptical execs to believe in the power of ‘brand’; the role of the brand positioning; how to best drive long term growth in B2B financial services marketing; finding the balance between short-term sales activation and long-term brand building; and brand loyalty vs increasing market penetration.

Episode 05 | 33 min | Susi O'Neill

Susi O’Neill is Head of Brand Content at Kaspersky. She leads global editorial and creative delivery for B2B brand projects for Kaspersky, the world's largest privately-owned cybersecurity firm. Susi leads multi-disciplinary teams to transform data insight into high performing brand strategy and digital experiences. Her team crafts video, multimedia and thought leadership brand awareness content that turns heads and wins awards.

We talk about: How Kaspersky makes content relevant for all customer bases; what Kaspersky's brand strategy 'Bring on the future' means; how to make the topic of cyber security engaging & fun to build brand; the role of fame & how B2B brands should think about achieving it; and what makes a successful agency and campaign.

Episode 04 | 23 min | Mark Bogaerts

Mark Bogaerts is the Director of Brand & Sponsorship for Tata Consultancy Services. TCS is part of the Tata group, India's largest multinational business group. Mark is responsible for driving the TCS brand & sponsorship strategy across the UK & Europe and applying a consistent, integrated brand strategy. He was also global sponsorship manager for Heineken for over ten years, where he led rugby partnerships for the Rugby World Cup and Heineken Champions Cup, among others.

We talk about: What it means to be 'A bit more Don Draper'; what he learned from 10 years at Heineken that he now uses to build brand at TCS; why TCS sponsors sporting events; the hidden risks involved with sponsorships; harnessing the power of emotional messaging, and how TCS use Purpose to build their brand.

Episode 03 | 19 min | Mark Cullen

Mark Cullen is the Chief Marketing Officer at Simon Kucher & Partners. Simon Kucher & Partners is a global consulting firm specialising in strategy, marketing, pricing, and sales. Founded in 1985, the company now has around 1,400 professionals worldwide and is regarded as the world's leading pricing advisor and thought leader.

We talk about: How stand-up comedy experience translates into marketing; risk taking and making the difference; growing your top line vs cutting costs; and the importance of writing a good creative brief.

Episode 02 | 20 min | Cos Mingides

Cos Mingides is one of the Co-Founding Partners at True, one half of the creative spark for this podcast series. True was founded in 2012 to be a different type of B2B agency - to break free from the world of short-term 'performance' and the kind of marketing that swamps the industry without much deeper impact.

We talk about: What being 'a bit more Don Draper' means to him and his purpose behind launching this podcast; why he co-founded True; what B2B advertising is lacking; the 5 principles of growth in B2B marketing, and why some marketers don't use it.

Episode 01 | 19 min | Richard Parsons

Richard Parsons is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at True, one half of the creative spark for this podcast series. True was founded in 2012 to be a different type of B2B agency - to break free from the world of short-term 'performance' and the kind of marketing that swamps the industry without much deeper impact.

We talk about: What being 'a bit more Don Draper' means to him; Richard's purpose behind launching this podcast; why he co-founded True; ABM and how it should be done properly; and what makes great work stand out.