21 September 2015 by Richard Parsons

Have Some Respect: The US Creative Revolution

In my last post, I argued that European advertising haled from artistic roots and was the better for it. But most commentators seem to agree that it was Bill Bernbach of Doyle Dale Bernbach who unleashed a new era of creativity in advertising in 1950s America.

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23 July 2015 by Richard Parsons

Heart vs Head – How Did We Get Here?

Since the beginning of time it seems advertising has been split into two camps: the salesmen versus the artists.

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25 June 2015 by Richard Parsons

Where’s the Consistency Gone?

We don’t behave the same way at the football game as we do at a funeral, unless we’re starring in a gross-out Hollywood comedy. As humans, we adapt our behaviour to the social context. Brands should do the same.

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03 June 2015 by Richard Parsons

You’re an Ape

This isn’t meant to sound insulting – quite the opposite. Some of you may like to think of homo sapiens as being at the pinnacle of the animal kingdom, differentiated as much by our culture, imagination, and creativity as by our opposable thumbs.

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29 May 2015 by Tessa McCaffrey

Creating Compelling B2B Stories Through Infographics

B2B marketers don’t need convincing to produce infographics that display information in a visual way. But all too often, we are seeing an overuse of pie charts and small people to represent percentages and statistics. 

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