26 May 2015 by Richard Parsons

Metrics Schmetrics

Here’s another reason why I think B2B marketing has become boring: metrics, or more precisely, an over-reliance on metrics.

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13 May 2015 by Richard Parsons

It’s All About Anthropology, Stupid…

We like to think we buy a top-notch BMW because of its beautiful engineering, its performance, comfort and reliability. We probably really buy one because we think it’ll help us get laid, or differentiate us from the riff-raff.

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23 April 2015 by Richard Parsons

Reviving the Art of Storytelling

Our fundamental belief is that we are all storytellers. As human beings we evolved telling stories around the camp fire.

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20 April 2015 by Richard Parsons

Love, Hate and Cocktail Parties

There’s no getting away from it: business to business marketing is boring. It’s the Cinderella at the Marcoms Ball. But whereas Cinderella turns into a beautiful princess and finally bags her prince, B2B is destined to remain sweeping the fireplace unless we up our game.

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19 April 2015 by Richard Parsons

Our Industry is Broken; Let’s Fix It

At True, we fundamentally believe that something is wrong with B2B advertising; something is broken. We have an opportunity as marketers to change that. After all, we should always be trying to improve what we do, right?

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