24 October 2017 by Polly Griffiths

B2B TV Episode 3: Creativity in B2B – our Top 6 industry campaigns

With special guest, Creative Director; LJ Spencer, True’s founders showcase their favourite B2B ads from the last few years, in the latest episode of B2B TV.

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08 August 2017 by Richard Parsons

Just do it…

Once you've done all your thinking, research, and empathizing, hopefully you have a pretty good idea what you want to say – what the brand narrative is going to be. It’s time to start synthesizing all those influences into the semblance of a big idea.

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21 July 2017 by Richard Parsons

Creativity, where art thou?

The big idea – the brand story running throughout a campaign and the entire business – can’t come from a rulebook or a set of data. So where does creativity come from?

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23 May 2017 by Richard Parsons

Don’t get into the box…

We’re forever being told to “think outside the box”, but we say “don’t get into the box in the first place”. These days, traditional business structures can seem irrelevant.

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11 May 2017 by Richard Parsons

A marriage of art and science

George Bernard Shaw once wrote: “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

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17 February 2017 by Richard Parsons

If marketers are architects, how should they structure their own building?

Continued from my previous post

If marketers should be the equivalent of architects designing and building beautiful edifices founded on a series of platforms – the most important of which is creative – it follows that the way we structure our businesses should reflect this.

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