16 November 2017 by Polly Griffiths

Five emotions for five B2B campaigns

Emotions just aren’t used enough in B2B marketing campaigns. Yes, we have the constant use of happy ads and campaigns that give off positive vibes leaving people with a positive thinking about the brand, but that’s just not enough anymore.

What if we pushed the boat out? Started being more creative and risky; using the different, even negative, emotions to become more memorable?

Well here are five ads/campaigns which have nailed it. Whether they make you feel scared, upset, excited or on-edge. These brands have really used their imagination to create ideas for emotional executions.

Dissolve: This is a generic brand video

Dissolve, a stock footage company, created the humorous ‘This is a generic brand video’ brand video with the core message: There’s a lot of crappy stock footage out there, let’s not use any more of it. It makes the audience feel amused, but then it starts to make you think (maybe about previous videos you’ve seen or worked on) and therefore you feel more determined to make better videos in the future.


Dun & Bradstreet: Is your database the walking dead? (Infographic)

Dun & Bradstreet, a data, analytics and insights company, launched a campaign for Halloween and created the following infographic linking through to a landing page to get your own health scare rating for your data. This is a prime example of using negative emotions to make an ad memorable. The art assets are scary and once you start reading the facts you become shocked thinking about how bad your data could be.


Zendesk: “I like it when he gives me the business.” 

Zendesk is a customer software provider. They created a TV ad showing an elderly couple telling us about their ‘relationship’. The core message here is; Zendesk helps relationships bloom between companies and their customers. This ad is amusing and very human which makes it particularly memorable.

CAT: Built for it – Stack video

CATERPILLAR is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment. This video is one of the trails from the #Builtforit campaign with the core message: Built for all your needs – whatever they may be. The video builds anticipation, excitement and makes you feel on-edge. The music particularly helps here.

Intel: If cables were people

Intel designs and builds the technologies for the world’s computing devices. They created a series of videos which make up the campaign ‘if cables were people’ highlighting that cables are a nuisance, therefore – go wireless. Emotions that make this campaign memorable are humour and frustration as anyone can relate to technology not working at the precise point you need it to.