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16 November 2017 by Polly Griffiths

Five emotions for five B2B campaigns

Emotions just aren’t used enough in B2B marketing campaigns. Yes, we have the constant use of happy ads and campaigns that give off positive vibes leaving people with a positive thinking about the brand, but that’s just not enough anymore.

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02 November 2017 by Peter Foubert - BBN Belgium

Marketing is an art and content marketing is a speciality

Despite the increasing digitalisation of the media, traditional channels are still doing very well.

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27 October 2017 by JoDee George - BBN USA

Put people – not product – at the center of everything you do

Business-to-business marketing is undergoing a much-needed makeover to better align to sales and business results. Old ways of thinking aren’t going to deliver the results needed. Whether your business now claims their territory as B2B, or B2B2C or B2P (people) or B2H (human), a shift in focus is warranted.

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24 October 2017 by Polly Griffiths

B2B TV Episode 3: Creativity in B2B – our Top 6 industry campaigns

With special guest, Creative Director; LJ Spencer, True’s founders showcase their favourite B2B ads from the last few years, in the latest episode of B2B TV.

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20 October 2017 by Leigh Stark - BBN AUSTRALIA

There are no bad search questions (except this one)

As experts in search, we get asked a lot of questions, and while there’s no such thing as a bad search question, there is one that you should never ask.

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19 October 2017 by Oliver Millard

True named ‘Agency of the Year’ at the 2017 Golden Bee Awards

True are awarded ‘Agency of the Year’ and ‘Best Integrated Campaign’ at The Golden Bees Awards.

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