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23 April 2021 by Grace Baron

Are You Proving the Value of Brand Building Activity?

Did you know that recent Financial Times research showed that 52% of business leaders and 30% of senior marketers rate their knowledge of the value of brand building as being ‘average’ to ‘very poor’.

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22 April 2021 by BBN Strategic Partner - Foleon

How To Break Through the B2B Content Production Bottleneck

It’s hardly a secret that tensions exist between sales and marketing departments. Nowhere is this more evident than in generating content. Marketing wants to follow a proven process that ensures content quality and adherence to the brand. Sales care less about the process and much more about getting the right type of message in front of the right prospect at just the right time.

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26 March 2021 by BBN Partners

What Makes Good B2B Content?

Without good content, you may have a nicely designed website that won’t hold peoples’ attention; or social media messaging that no one reads. 

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16 March 2021 by Becca Aynge

Facebook’s Upcoming Privacy Changes – What Advertisers Need to Know

If you thought conversations around user privacy and tracking were finally over with the death of Chrome’s 3rd Party Cookie … think again! Apple has announced its own plans to introduce changes to the way mobile app users are tracked and identified within iOS14.

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11 March 2021 by Allison Madell - BBN USA

Thought Leadership is Old Skool

As a 30-plus year PR/Marcom professional, “thought leadership” has been a part of nearly every PR program I have known. It makes sense, right? Every client wants to show others (employees, customers, competitors) how much they know and to be a recognized leader in their category.

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03 August 2020 by Cos Mingides

Our first year as IPA members: what it’s meant for us and our clients

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), incorporated by Royal Charter, is the professional body for agencies in the advertising, media and marketing communications industry. And it’s with great pride that True were elected as members in 2019.

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