Brand And Storytelling

14 July 2016 by Amelie Lafayette

Let Me Tell You A Story...

 In an excellent earlier blog post a spirited argument was put forward for the primacy of the image over the written word in advertising. However, I’d like to counter this with a, hopefully, spirited argument not only in favour of words, but lots of them. I’m talking about long copy.

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30 June 2016 by Fabio Orlando - BBN Canada

The Boy Who Could Fly

I was a weird kid. No, really.

When I was but a wee lad I believed a lot of things that most would deem inconceivable.

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23 June 2016 by Ashan Bhattacharya - BBN India

Put Some Emotion In Your B2B Marketing Campaigns

Marketers in the B2B space strongly feel that emotions have no significance in their marketing campaigns. But what if we tell you that it’s only partially true?

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12 May 2016 by Anna Kirk - BBN USA

A Great Product Launch Means Finding Your ‘Peanut Butter’!

If a service or product launch is at the centre of your communications strategy, and if you haven’t found your ‘peanut butter’, beware! Your launch could probably use a healthy injection of innovation. (If you just sat back, furrowed your brow and said “Huh?”, allow me two minutes to explain.)

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10 May 2016 by Ales Rihacek - BBN Czech Republic

How To Find Influencers and Engage Them

Nowadays, much more of our reputation is affected by what is said about us! In business, this means that 80-90 per cent of customers decide on their purchase before they are actively addressed.

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13 April 2016 by Richard Parsons

“Here’s to the crazy ones…”

When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple, they didn’t just want to make machines that were functional; they also wanted to make them beautiful and easy to use. Jobs was as influenced by calligraphy as he was by programming.

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