22 June 2015 by Tessa McCaffrey

Who’s Who at True: Vasil

vasil_blog_shotIt helps to both like and be proud of the people you work with. At True, we are. Since you may only know a few of us, we're starting a who's who of True – picking random people and digging for the truth behind their shiny smile.

First up, Vasil Stefano Valkov, Senior Art Director.

What did you want to be when you grew up? An artiste, no, an artist or was it an artisan? Wordmonger more likely.

What is your role at True? I Art Direct the Truth out of True.

What were you doing before you came to True? Peacefully co-existing in the Balkans. Freelancing in New York, Vancouver and globally, eating locally.

What's the most rewarding or interesting experience you've had working here at True so far? It is hard to focus on just one, so here’s a list:

- Monday morning Scrum.

- Not using the 80cm2 elevator.

- Brainstorming mouths full of ideas with Charlie at lunch break.

- Having just a single drink with Richard Parsons, all afternoon.

- Being involved in True joining BBN. Then developing concepts for what is the world’s biggest B2B network. Plugging it is now second nature.

- Losing in pool every time against every single True member (except Olga of course, but no one has ever played her).

- Doing true work.

Precisely in that order.

What’s your ‘crazy things happen working in advertising’ story? Handed over a video that was created by another creative team, compiled by an editor, and housed in a slick box created by a design team – into the very hands of Sir Martin Sorrell. He nodded* (at me!). *Disclaimer. The above mentioned CEO of Wire and Plastic Products may neither confirm nor recall the event.

Where's the best lunch in Soho? Yalla Yalla, because it urges me to eat and get back to work.