16 July 2015 by Tessa McCaffrey

Who's who at True: Tessa

It helps to both like and be proud of the people you work with. At True, we are. Since you may only know a few of us, we're starting a who's who of True – picking random people and digging for the truth behind their shiny smile.Tessa_Army

What did you want to be when you grew up? A copywriter! I still live the dream by tweaking copy on the final draft just before it goes to the client. Charlie loves this.

What is your role at True? My role is Head of Culture. I am responsible for ensuring True is a great place to work by developing and implementing company-wide strategies and programs that enhance, evolve and strengthen our culture.

What were you doing before you came to True? Living in San Francisco and working as the Marketing Manager for a national education reform organisation. The state of accessible quality public education in the US seriously makes me question the concept of the ‘American dream’.

What's the most rewarding or interesting experience you've had working here at True so far? Hosting the annual True trivia night on a canal boat in the pitch black of the Islington Tunnel. A professional highlight was going on secondment to Micro Focus for 6 months while our lovely client went on maternity leave. It’s seriously valuable for an agency to gain real life insights into the process and challenges experienced by the client.

What’s your ‘crazy things happen working in advertising’ story? Any night out with Richard Parsons. A lot of crazy experiences when I worked on the recruitment advertising for the Australian Defence Force. Firing real machine guns, observing live military exercises, flying in helicopters and military aircraft, driving in tanks, sailing on frigates and even climbing Australia’s highest mountain. For a girl with vertigo, this was a pretty challenging job.