20 May 2015 by Charlie Meechan

We Like to Dream Big

BBN_blog_post_1700x498It’s now been six months since True joined BBN – the global business-to-business agency – to become BBN London and further improve the way we support clients on a worldwide basis.

Already it feels as if we’re part of a giant, yet closely integrated agency. That’s because each agency in our group has been carefully selected as a B2B specialist in its own right, with experience and services covering everything from advertising and PR, to marketing automation and social media.

BBN spans 18 countries, and with a mixed portfolio of experience there’s a great deal of joint know-how in every B2B sector from technology to agrochems, industry to finance, electronics to transport and more.

But it’s not just size that makes BBN different: like True, every agency in every country is run by owner-managers. For clients, this really offers the best of both worlds: the scale you need but also the personal touch and commitment that comes from using a ‘boutique’ B2B agency. We’ve all been hand-picked for the insightful, fresh, connected and effective creativity that is so often missing from B2B agencies.

Joining BBN means that True is now connected to over 900 marketing, advertising, digital and PR specialists – in a best-of-the-best agency that uses proven, common processes to deliver results for some of the world's leading brands.

If you have a global, B2B brand challenge, do get in touch and we’ll demonstrate how you can dream big with BBN.