25 November 2016 by Richard Parsons

“Two for True” at the B2B Marketing Awards

Last night, True nabbed the ‘Best use of creative’ for Yell and ‘Most commercially successful campaign’ for Micro Focus at the B2B Marketing Awards.

The campaign for Yell, called ‘GO DIGITAL. GO YELL’ is helping introduce new digital marketing services for SMEs, beat several other leading B2B brands in the evening’s most hotly contested category.

Cos Mingides, Client Services Director at True said, “Yell’s raison-d’être has not changed - they still help local businesses connect with more customers, but the way they do it has evolved for the digital age. Our campaign needed to reconnect businesses with the Yell brand, raise awareness of their new services and convince small business owners that Yell is the right brand to support them with digital marketing needs. Winning the ‘Best use of creative’ award is something we are very proud of and is testament to the hard work our very talented people put in day-in-day-out.”

The second win of the evening for True was for the Micro Focus, Visual COBOL campaign. The case study was a masterclass in demonstrating how short-term sales can lead to long-term brand value.

“The holy grail of B2B marketing is to unite sales with brand building for long-term business stability. We believe this case study, conducted over three years, is a gamechanger for B2B marketing. We were able to demonstrate how a balanced programme was able to achieve both short-term sales objectives, whilst building brand value that contributed consistent sales over the long-term.” - Richard Parsons, MD at True.

“We were also able to show how an emotional message, developed as a ‘big long idea’ generated powerful ‘sticky’ memorability, and produced considerably more powerful long-term brand effects than rational persuasion ever could.”

Photo by Simon Callaghan Photography