19 April 2015 by Richard Parsons

Our Industry is Broken; Let’s Fix It

our_industry_is_broken_v2At True, we fundamentally believe that something is wrong with B2B advertising; something is broken. We have an opportunity as marketers to change that. After all, we should always be trying to improve what we do, right?This blog is an opportunity to get us all thinking and collaborating on how we can make our industry more successful, more dynamic, more creative, and more... human.

But we don’t want to preach from the pulpit. We don’t have all the answers, which is why we’d like to hear from you. In the spirit of transparency and co-operation, we’d like all of you out there to have your say, whether you agree, disagree or couldn’t give a monkey’s.

What is the current thinking? What works, what doesn’t? How can we challenge ourselves to reject the status quo and come up with something better and more creatively fulfilling? How can we use all our experience of problem-solving and serving clients to fix the parts of our industry that are broken?

This is an opportunity for us as an integrated marketing agency to try to generate some debate and clarify our thinking. We want this blog to be informed and improved by our colleagues within the industry.

Most B2B marketers I know agree with me: B2B is boring. Just trying to recruit people in this field is difficult enough. Creatives, art directors and copywriters always see greater opportunities in B2C. They perceive B2C as more glamorous and creatively dynamic. And who can blame them?

At True, we believe we can change things. Together. In this sharing, networked “we-think” age, isolationism is no longer an option.

This is my first blog as part of a 12 blog series to get you inspired. So, feel free to comment below and let us know your thoughts. Or you can click here and read the 2nd part of this 12 blog series.