03 August 2020 by Cos Mingides

Our first year as IPA members: what it’s meant for us and our clients

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), incorporated by Royal Charter, is the professional body for agencies in the advertising, media and marketing communications industry. And it’s with great pride that True were elected as members in 2019.

IPA membership has brought invaluable benefits to both us and our clients. As well as professional and legal support, it also grants access to the latest thinking, research, analytics and insights in advertising effectiveness. Our clients can now also be confident that the agency is held to rigorous legal, regulatory and the ethical standards, including the IPA Rule Book and the EACA Code of Ethics.

The world of advertising in general is constantly evolving at a fast pace and membership allows us to continuously adapt and improve our offerings as a B2B marketing communications and media agency. The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme has made it compulsory for all staff members to complete a certain amount of industry accredited training every year, so developing our staff has now shifted from being an aim to being a requirement. And as we believe that there’s nothing more important to the agency’s success than recruiting and nurturing the best talent, the CPD programme is central to helping us empower and grow our team in ways which we could not have achieved previously.

What’s clear is that IPA membership is about a lot more than status. It’s a demonstration of our continued commitment to being the best agency we can be, developing our talented team, and driving the best results for our clients.