23 June 2017 by Polly Griffiths

Bringing the world together with Tea

The BBN owners conference was held last month, just outside Frankfurt, bringing together agency owners to take part in caffeine stimulated workshops.

With BBN comes culture and this year was the year of Tea; where partners bought their favourite local tea to share with the world. So, being in the agency from England, where Tea is pretty much life, I thought I would share my views on the different Teas we were given from across the Globe.




This one was certainly different to what we are used to. It’s sweet and mellow, with traces of cinnamon. It has no caffeine which means it’s perfect for a late afternoon cuppa.





Our partners from Texas have given us a wonderfully deep, rich and earthy tea. It’s a loose-leaf tea with crushed nuts in it leaving you with a nutty after taste which is something I’ve never had before.



Tea Dej from our France partner is a strong, bold and punchy breakfast Tea. I had to add milk to weaken the intensity, but overall it is very similar to the tea I have here every morning.


Czech RepublicIMG_3665.jpg

Our partner from Czech Republic’s favourite tea is Black Tea Darjeeling. Apparently known as the “Champagne of Teas”. It’s super fragrant and floral.




Madura tea, all the way from Australia, is also similar to English breakfast Tea. It’s full bodied, bright and strong, just the way I like it. It’s made with a mixture of teas exotic teas from around the world – giving it that extra little kick.



This Chinese Tea had a very distinctive smell from the fermented leaves. It’s very smoky and earthy and you can tell from a mile away that it is meant for health/slimming. Although it is quite dense/heavy it is also smooth which makes it easier to drink.




Now this is where it gets a little different. With Ostfriesen Tea (black tea) from Germany you traditionally pour it over rock sugar which cracks whilst it dissolves. This make the most satisfying crackling noise. Sticking with tradition I used cream (just like the Germans) to weaken it. Personally, I have a massive sweet tooth so this is perfect for me but drink too many of these and you’ll be sure to have a sugar rush for the rest of the day.



Green Tea with a hint of mint – my absolute favourite. Fresh and light, I could easily drink this all day long – Please send more!