Why B2B needs Don Draper

B2B needs Don Draper. We all need to remember the marketing lessons that Don Draper intuitively knew.

B2B marketing has become repetitive – there’s an overfocus on the rational, on sales activation, and short-term goals. B2B marketers have forgotten the human element of advertising that Don Draper always looked for, the importance of finding the emotional truth that should drive every campaign. And we’ve forgotten the one thing that Don Draper never did; to be successful, you need to stand out. Brands don’t become famous by staying in the crowd.

Our co-founder, Richard Parsons, chatted to James Rostance on his video podcast, The 414, on exactly why B2B needs Don Draper so badly, what we can all learn from the Mad Men Creative Director, and the solutions to B2B’s problems. Because if there’s one thing Don Draper knew, it was that there’s always a solution somewhere.


  • What is the problem with B2B marketing and why has this happened?
  • The importance of ideas that create an emotional connection and make your audience feel
  • How to succeed at making your brand famous and the pitfalls to avoid
  • The tangible benefits of brand building and long-term goals