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Quantum Marketing:
a new dawn for B2B

How B2B marketers can take control of unpredictable buyers with Quantum Marketing

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If you accept the buyer journey is far from linear what does that mean for marketing strategy?

Watch on demand as we answer this very question and arm the modern B2B marketer with the tools to go Quantum!

The concept of Quantum Marketing is all about broad, probabilistic thinking rather than a narrow predictive approach. It’s a way to reach anyone who could potentially buy, with eyes on both the short and long-term. It’s about designing creative that’s relevant to a larger set of customers, rather than with one specific buyer in mind. And, it’s about delivering that message all the time, so you never miss a moment.

The fact is human behaviour is rarely predictable and this is certainly true when it comes to how people buy.

With key insights from Jennifer Shaw-Sweet, EMEA Lead at The B2B Institute, LinkedIn, we embrace the uncertainty and explore a guiding mindset that helps B2B marketers get a firm grip on the chaos.


  • How to target current and future buyers simultaneously
  • The science of brand recall and how this creates a sustainable pipeline
  • How to manage unpredictability and what this means for campaign strategy
  • The pitfalls of hyper-personalised creative and the pro’s of broader messaging

'Quantum Marketing: A new dawn for B2B' webinar

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  • Jennifer Shaw-Sweet

    Jennifer Shaw-Sweet
    EMEA Lead, B2B Institute

Hosted by

  • Richard Parsons

    Richard Parsons
    Founding Partner, True

  • Cos Mingides

    Cos Mingides
    Founding Partner, True

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