Inspiring Examples of Emotion in B2B

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As B2B buying journeys become more varied, and the circle of influence grows ever wider, it’s increasingly important to invest in emotive brand-building – but how do you do this effectively and successfully, in a way that’s relevant and engaging to your target buyers?

Watch on demand as we showcase some of the most noteworthy, emotion-led campaigns in the B2B world; exploring why they were so effective, which emotional responses they succeeded in provoking, and how we can use the learnings to inform our own marketing strategy.

Discussion topics:

  • What does 'emotional advertising' really look like?
  • What is the role of emotion in B2B?
  • How do you know which emotions you should be aiming to make your buyers feel?
  • How do you create a campaign that succeeds in doing this?

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Hosted by

  • Richard Parsons

    Richard Parsons
    Founding Partner, True

  • Cos Mingides

    Cos Mingides
    Founding Partner, True