Advantage in Adversity

Be smart when others are fearful. How B2B marketing leaders can help their companies emerge stronger post COVID-19

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  • 1 hour

Check out the second webinar in our Truth Sessions series, in which we speak to marketing leaders on the front line, discussing what they are doing to navigate their businesses through the pandemic.

From adapting to new customer needs and learnings from historic economic downturns, to what our speakers are doing in the here and now to drive growth and recovery, you'll gain valuable insight and inspiration for adapting your own marketing and communications strategies.

Discussion topics:

  • What we can be doing right now to unearth new opportunities and ensure faster recovery
  • How buyer needs and behaviours are changing, and what this means for marketers
  • The types of communication that are and are not connecting with audiences now
  • Lessons we can take from past periods of economic downturn to gain competitive advantage
  • The challenges of balancing short-term sales activation with longer-term brand-building

With guest speakers from:

  • Volvo CE
    Mats Bredborg

    Mats Bredborg
    Head of Brand & Market Communication

  • Intuit Quickbooks
    Alicia Skubick

    Alicia Skubick
    Marketing Director


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Hosted by

  • Richard Parsons

    Richard Parsons
    Founding Partner, True

  • Cos Mingides

    Cos Mingides
    Founding Partner, True