Account Based Advertising

How to increase reach and influence

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Watch on demand as we explore Account Based Advertising in B2B, finding out how it can supercharge the traditional Account Based Marketing model by increasing reach and effectiveness. We discuss a targeted vs broad reach approach and chat to Ineke Vermeulen from Atos about her experience of integrating Account Based Advertising into a wider ABM marketing strategy.

Discussion topics:

  • How ABM has evolved and what this means for B2B strategies
  • How to use Account Based Advertising for precision targeting but with a wide reach
  • How to gain competitive advantage by increasing perceived share of voice

With guest speaker from:

  • Atos
    Ineke Vermeulen

    Ineke Vermeulen
    Global Head of Digital Workplace and Application Cloud Transformation Marketing


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Hosted by

  • Richard Parsons

    Richard Parsons
    Founding Partner, True

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    Cos Mingides
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