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Golden Bee The Drum Awards
Golden Bee The Drum Awards
Stand for something

The Brief

Launch Rockzero, ROCKWOOL’s pioneering new wall system that integrates stone wool insulation into the structure of the home, with an integrated campaign to drive awareness, engagement and generate leads.

Stand for something – Revolution

The Truth

Sustainability has become one of the defining issues of our times, and with buildings responsible for 30% of the world’s energy consumption, it’s clear that the construction industry has a big part to play. Rockzero has revolutionised the way homes are built and makes it easier to build nearly zero-energy homes.

Stand for something

The Idea

‘When you build something, it should stand for something’ - a rallying call to builders, specifiers, architects and policy makers to drive change in the way we build our homes. We engaged our technically minded audience with emotionally led communications, rather than product led features. Coupled with personalised nurtured journeys, for five unique audiences, with multiple touch points through the marketing funnel.

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The campaign generated huge amounts of social awareness and drove main stream media coverage, including a visit from the Danish Prime Minister at the official product launch in Copenhagen. In just a 2-month period, we exceeded the total lead conversion targets by +141%, generating 5.3m ad impressions and 1,029 marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

Installation Guide – Thought Leadership