Miura Systems


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The Brief

Following Miura’s successful launch into the mobile payments market, they tasked us with launching their brand into the newly emerging tablet POS market.

POSzle launch event

The Truth

Miura’s launch product, called the POSzle, was simply more attractive than the competitors. What’s more, this was a key attribute the market cared about.

POSzle launch website

The Idea

If the hardware was beautifully simple, shouldn’t our marketing be too? Our campaign took the idea and ran with it across a launch event, website, and outbound communications.


Our campaign put Miura on the map and cemented their position as one of the top 3 fastest growing UK firms. In the first 12 weeks alone, there were close to 1,000 marketing enquiries.

POSzle launch press ad
POSzle launch Whitepaper magazine