Micro Focus


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B2B Marketing Awards The Drum Awards
B2B Marketing Awards The Drum Awards

The Brief

Micro Focus needed to build awareness of their new Visual COBOL software development solution amongst an incredibly niche audience and to drive trial downloads. Previously, we had been engaged to develop a brand identity for the new product.

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The Truth

We needed to tell the story of how Visual Cobol, a new version of Cobol, was relevant for a younger generation of developers that worked in visual languages such as Java, C++, and C#.

The Idea

Our metaphor of an agile giraffe complemented our campaign for their mainframe solutions. The highly memorable video targeted the next generation of Cobol developers with press, programmatic display and social media advertising, direct mail, email, product overviews, demo videos, blogs, PR, events and a webinar series in over 11 languages.


Running over three years, this campaign demonstrates how a balanced programme can achieve both short-term sales objectives while building brand value that contributes to a consistent stream of sales leads over the long-term.

Tracking from front-end funnel to closed sales, revenues grew 163% over the campaign and ROI was an astonishing 1,083:1

It won the ‘Most Commercially Successful Campaign’ at the B2B Marketing Awards.