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The Brief

With low awareness of their SAP S/4 HANA digital transformation services, LTI needed to launch their brand into the US enterprise market.

The Truth

An organisation looking to implement SAP S/4 HANA need someone to trust to help them transition to the new platform. Having established a strategic partnership with SAP and implemented S/4 HANA for themselves, LTI was well positioned to assist large organisations in their transformation journey.

Interactive migration tool

The Idea

We created a fully loaded funnel of outbound and inbound marketing across advertising, website, and content marketing. All nurtured via marketing automation. The big idea focused on delivering SAP S/4 HANA quickly.



The film was the client’s most-watched YouTube video after just two weeks of the campaign breaking. By buying advertising programmatically, we were able to target a very niche audience with pinpoint accuracy to deliver over 25 million ad impressions across video, display and social.