Long Live
the XLA.

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The Brief

Create a brand platform with real impact that redefines the category, sets Acora apart from the other ‘faceless’ companies in the sector, and establishes them as competitors to the more prominent brands like Accenture or Atos.

The Truth

Acora’s USP, their relentless focus on ‘experience’, goes against the status quo by quashing the industry-standard SLA (which results in IT service companies putting in the minimum effort and focusing on the wrong priorities) in favour of the Experience Level Agreement (XLA), a premium service, focused on measurements which ultimately benefit the end-user of the services they’re providing.

The Idea

‘Death to the SLA’ positions Acora as a maverick brand that challenges the things that are wrong in the category. Taking inspiration from some of the greatest battle scenes in movie history, juxtaposed with background shots of London’s business district and IT slaying narrative to create maximum memorability.


The campaign triggered a reinvention in the expectations of IT services and gained widespread earned media coverage.

In the first 4 months, search volumes for Acora increased by 140% and share of category searches more than doubled (an increase of 2.18%) - a strong indicator that the brand is on course to double market share.