Click Travel

The World’s Smoothest
Business Traveller

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Golden Bee B2 Awards
Golden Bee B2 Awards

The Brief

Raise awareness of Click Travel’s new SaaS travel booking platform, engaging an SME audience that the brand had previously not spoken to.

The Truth

With Click Travel, business travel no longer needs to be a painful experience. With 24/7 customer support and everything booked and managed in one place – business travel has never been smoother.

The Idea

To communicate the smoothness of using Click Travel, we created ‘The World’s Smoothest Business Traveller’. Why is he the smoothest? Because with Click Travel, everything just clicks into place.

Press pack


  • 123% increase in branded searches YoY
  • 63% increase in organic website visits
  • CTRs 420% higher than the industry average
  • 94% VTR of campaign video