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B2B Marketing Awards Golden Bee The Drum Awards B2 Awards Global ACE Awards
B2B Marketing Awards Golden Bee The Drum Awards B2 Awards Global ACE Awards

The Brief

Develop a set of high-quality and aspirational marketing tools with Mondi’s PERGRAPHICA® premium paper. Generate awareness, boost engagement, and influence the decision-making process for this diverse and versatile range created for design, publishing and luxury packaging.

The Truth

Print adds a physical dimension to beautiful digital creations: evoking an additional human sense - touch. Choosing the right paper is critical to making sure digital creativity shines at its best in an analogue world. In addition, brand partnerships are an effective way of generating fame, driving reach, and increasing engagement.

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The Idea

We partnered with Adobe Stock to tell a digital to analogue story and demonstrate how striking imagery can leap off the page on a premium design paper. ‘Catching Feels’ meaning to fall in love, takes us on a sensory journey through six feelings, as emotive visuals are captured and enhanced through different printing techniques and finishes on distinctive paper shades, within a limited-edition book.

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By partnering with Adobe Stock, we were not only able to improve reach and raise awareness, but the campaign achieved significant double digit sales growth during one of the toughest economic climates ever, where the market witnessed a 20% decline in sales.

“We’re incredibly proud of the campaign and the commercial success it has achieved. Catching Feels has captured the hearts and minds of our customers and really elevated the status and brand perception of PERGRAPHICA”.
Zoe Truchy, Product and Brand Manager, Mondi

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