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I'am Frank

The Brief

Reinvigorate the once loved Borland brand, which had become stale and lost its personality – whilst raising awareness and recognition of its new products.

I'am Frank

The Truth

Many tech companies have thrived with visionary figureheads at their helm. Our research unearthed a potential gem in the name of Frank Borland, an illustrated character that used to appear in Borland user manuals in the 1980s.

The Idea

We launched a search for Frank Borland, eventually bringing the fictitious maverick character to life, making him the new voice of the Borland developer community and reigniting the brand with a fresh tone of voice.

Borland Frank personality marketing


Frank’s launch video became Borland’s most viewed video ever within weeks and his Twitter page overtook Borland Software’s following, which had been running for 5 years, within 3 months. Our online advertising campaign also received 610% higher CTRs than the industry benchmark, demonstrating the creative impact of the campaign.