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Next-generation audience intelligence

Data-driven marketing starts by having a true understanding of your customer and prospect data. AudienceIQ™ is our people-based precision marketing and insights platform that uses data, analytics, cultural insights and machine learning to unlock valuable and actionable insights in your CRM, ABM and website visitor data.

The journey starts with AudienceIQ™ Discover, our starter package which helps you:

  • Get a rich and accurate view into the profiles of your customers and prospects
  • Identify gaps in your current database and build audience segments
  • Validate your marketing efforts are attracting the right audiences to your website
  • Gain actionable insights to support messaging, marketing strategy and direct targeting

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A complete service which includes:

  • Data ingestion, anonymisation and matching

    Data ingestion, anonymisation and matching

  • Website tagging (pixels provided)

    Website tagging (pixels provided)

  • Website visitor profiles

    Website Visitor Profile Report

  • CRM database profiles

    CRM Database Profile Report

  • Database Market Index Report

    Database Market Index Report

  • Key findings and analysis

    Key findings and analysis

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