7 Strengths of Stone: Test Series

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The Brief

Bring ROCKWOOL’s corporate 7 Strengths of Stone positioning to life through a series of videos to drive awareness, brand affinity and engagement.

7 Strengths of Stone: Test Series

The Truth

ROCKWOOL stone wool is a truly remarkable product. For our technical audience, seeing is believing. We simply needed to show the product in action in a way that would thrill, engage and excite.

7 Strengths of Stone: Test Series

The Idea

Filmed at the ROCKWOOL Innovation factory, with real employees we devised a series of extreme product demonstrations that dramatised the capabilities of stone wool and brought the company’s Danish heritage and focus on continuous R&D and innovation to life - with a touch of wit thrown in for good measure.

7 Strengths of Stone: Test Series


  • 1.8m page engagements in 3 months with CTRs 717% above industry average
  • 5.5m Facebook impressions with 30.7% post engagement rate (1435% above industry average of 2%)
  • 326% increase in unique website visits + average visit up from 0.5 to 2.5 minutes (400% uplift)
  • CPVs reduced from €0.31 to €0.05 (520% improvement) – extending campaign reach
  • 29% video completion rate on videos 1.5 – 2 mins in length
7 Strengths of Stone: Test Series